#08 Byron Cooke x Off Court // Athletes In The Media, Showing The Human Side & The ‘OnlyFans’ of Sports

Byron Cooke is a juggernaut of the media industry. Having worked across mainstream radio as well as Channel 7 he is well poised to discuss the relationship between the media and its athletes.

It’s a love-hate relationship in many ways, both the players and media need each other to do their jobs, but it’s not without conflict.

There’s a portion of athletes that thrive with the media and use it to their advantage, there’s another that avoids it all cost. Where’s the line & how much do we expect from athletes? Is it too much, or not enough?

Byron and Robbie discuss the ins and outs of sports media, the opportunities and even the ‘OnlyFans’ of sport 🤔



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Byron Cooke Show: https://bit.ly/37cbpWt

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