10 Best Football Kits From The 90’s

As much as on-pitch success is cherished by many football clubs around the world, one cannot ignore the role that the sporting kits plays in the achievement of that feat. In this article, we have curated a list of some of the top ten best football kits from the 90s. It is also important to state here that there were so many brilliant kits, especially in this age, as most kit makers were stretched to the limit in terms of innovation, design and creativity, but like always, we have had to choose from an array of world class designs and outfit artistry. A lot of arguments were raised, fingers were pointed, the writer of this article lost a tooth (you should have seen the other guy) after a very long Office-discourse on how one person lacked the required fashion taste to make it in the modelling business, but we finally settled on some of the football kits that we think should be on the top ten for Kits donned in the 90s. Let’s get right into it.

Ajax- Home (1995-1996)

It is almost criminal to have a list of great footballing kits and not include this iconic outfit that Umbro made for Ajax’s final season at the De Meer Stadium. A very significant element of this shirt was the positioning of the shirt sponsor, which automatically changed the outlook from the regular shirt design to something for the ages. There were tiny inscription of the names of some of the greatest players ever to have played for the club too. That’s a nice touch.

USA- Away (1994)

As if being the hosts of the 1994 World Cup was not enough, the United States added an extra touch to their kit designs as the Home shirt was inspired by the dual colors of red and white, present on the famous National Flag. There was also a denim themed background to match.

AC Milan- Home (1992-1993)

A classic kit for a classic club, the Italian Footballing giant is no stranger when it comes to footballing success and they seemed to really hit gold with this kit. It seemed a befitting shirt to cap Adidas’s first stint as the Club’s official kit supplier. It’s just stunning, like Maldini.

Croatia- Home (1996)

This was the country’s first major Football tournament since independence so clearly, the Croats were determined to make the best out of the moment. The Euro ’96 kit seemed befitting as this was the first time we beheld the chequered design of colors red and white. The design has come to be very synonymous with kits released after that time.

Juventus- Away (1995-1997)

This kit has won more Champion’s League trophies than a certain club from North London, but that’s not to say it has not lost one either. Sporting a distinctive blue swipe with yellow tapings, the fact that top electronics company Sony was the club’s sponsor at the time, made the kit more delightful.

Fiorentina- Home (1998-1999)

Maybe you might have heard it somewhere, “purple is the color of royalty”, but there is probably no way a purple kit would have worked, until Fiorentina’s home shirt came along. And it was good to see. Perhaps our love for the shirt was helped by the fact that Nintendo was the shirt’s sponsor at the time, but when you consider the number of incredible goals scored by club legend Gabriel Batistuta, in this kit, you would realize Nintendo was not really the only reason this shirt made number five after all.

Newcastle (1995-1997)

This kit is synonymous with one of the most exciting times in the club’s history as it was worn by the great Newcastle sides of the nineties, headed by Premier League Legend, Alan Shearer.
It was crisp and simple, a direct white and black striped design which featured Newcastle Brown’s Ale Logo at the center.

Borussia Dortmund- Home (1996-1997)

This Luminous Shirt has come to symbolize the club’s eventual success in that year’s Champions League Competition. The iconic shirt, donning a letter C in the center to signify their sport at the time “ Die Continentale” probably also stood for another word with the letter, Champions.

Sampdoria (1992-1993)

Perhaps this is the only list associated with footballing achievements where Sampdoria would be second place, but after cementing its place as one of the most memorable designs of the 90s, there is no reason to deny the Italian club of that glory.
With the club’s traditional mixture of white, red and black colors running through its middle, the shirt ran ahead of all our previous choice to hop into number two position.

West Germany (1990-1992)

Right, we get it! The German National Team is not especially one most people love, (maybe apart from the Germans themselves), but we just could not get over this master piece. There were a number of attempts from other kit designers to achieve this design, but it just could not match up to this classic kit, which easily merged the country’s patriotism and love of football into a sporting outfit, by integrating the country’s National Flag into the design.

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