#04 Jason Williams x Off Court // Depression, Murder, Overcoming Adversity & Finding Your Purpose

Jason Williams had the world at his feet. Promised by AFL clubs in his draft year that they would pick him in the draft regardless of whether he sustained an injury. The draft came and went but his name wasn’t called. The Rookie draft came and went, nothing.

Jason soon after had to deal with the death of his father, the suicide of his mate and ultimately depression. Jason came out the other side with a beautiful perspective on life & ultimately found his passion in mentoring up and coming athletes with the experiences he has endured.

This is one of those episodes as a host that you do more listening than talking. It’s an emotionally honest and at the same time wholesome discussion and I hope that you can take something away from the chat with Jason Williams.


Jason’s Instagram: https://bit.ly/3hVaL4z

Young Athletes Mentoring: https://bit.ly/36xC1AM

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