Fitness Outfit GymShark has been making serious waves since it came on the scene. In 2012, the company was founded by 19-year old Ben Francis in his mom’s garage, and more than five years later, it is currently one of the fastest growing companies in the world, having generated around $128million in annual sales, in 2018. For a company with such humble beginnings, one starts to wonder how it has achieved so much in such little time, to the extent that some top company executives like Sheyl Sandberg of Facebook has made it a poster company for European brands excelling at growing a business.
The secret to this growing success is in a number of things including, the mastery of social media which has led to an extremely effective marketing outreach, and actually making gym outfits that are comfortable and affordable. The fitness startup has over 2.8million followers on Instagram with a following of top celebrity trainers such as Melissa Alcantara, top athletes and fitness gurus, who in turn have a large following on their own. It is no surprise that this has also affected the startup’s massive growth. Apart from that, outfits are very affordable. For example, shoppers could get leggings for as little as $35 as opposed to a closer to $100 price cap for some other brands.
GymShark has come to dominate the market by feeding the exact need of many gym-goers by making flexible, durable outfits that perform well and do not make the wearer look like a sack of potatoes. GymShark saw a need and his feeding that need in every single way possible. It ticks all the boxes on the trend chart in a creative and innovative way. Some of its best sellers include the Flex Leggings, which is available in more than twenty colors, the classic GymShark T-shirt which is available in four colors, Sleek Sculpture Sports Bra which is available in seven colors, and the Tech Leggings, available only in Black.
Maybe it is important to note that this brand is not one that shares the same perceived level of fame with other top fitness brands, and it may not have that “whoa” factor, but then again, you are the most important factor in the equation and as long as most gym goers are happy to buy what fits them and perfectly complements the need, then a “whoa” factor may not really matter.

The hype is real, friends.

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