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The pandemic has resulted into a much more health-conscious world as most consumers now look for fitness war to match this unprecedented time. This has particularly led to a sharp growth in the athleisure market over the last few months. Athleisure has a long, charted history on the clothing line. While we understand that you probably have your go-to brands for most of the sweatpants, leggings, yoga pants and workout wear, we think there are some new brands you might want to try out. Check out our top five up & coming Athleisure Brands.

Solely Fit

Talking about a brand for the season, Solely Fit was founded right in the middle of Covid. And just like the name suggests, it has everything that you need to make your body feel like it is yours again. Most wears elevate the body and balances almost any body size or shape. And it was launched by ABC News reporter Stefania Okolie.


Well, we haven’t quite mastered how to pronounce this brand just yet, but there is a certainty that it would catch on with time. The line was influenced by Britney Vest’s Love for California and the ocean and spots an array of athleisure wears such as leggings, sports bras, biker shorts, and cropped hoodies and so on. It was launched by Britney Vest, in conjunction with HSN.


This name originated from the French phrase “en avant” which means to move forward. EVNT is driven by getting the best materials for your wears and they hold themselves to a high standard of good quality and affordable athleisure wears. This is why the line spent about two years, trying to perfect its trademark fabric, Enavance. This fabric boasts a different level of efficiency sand gives a great feeling for the body. This line is definitely on course to challenge the likes of Los Angeles-based cloth wear makerAll Hail Alo Yoga, and Lululemon.


Full disclosure, we’ve had a bit of an insight into the growth of Athletikan personally having worked with the guys before. They exploded onto the scene in 2017 by launching only one shoe! They’ve since expanded their range big-time and are seeing huge growth worldwide, having collaborated with some of the biggest UFC athletes on the globe, as well as DJ’s, celebs & fitness personalities. It’s a daunting task trying to break into an industry held tightly by only a few brands, but they’re certainly carving their own niche. Check out their athleisure kicks here.

OFFLINE by Aerie

If you are looking for an athleisure line made essentially for comfort, movement and of course style, then look no further than this line. It is available online and plans are in the works to have two retail locations at place we do not exactly know yet. Their leggings, sports bras and other athleisure wears are quite affordable and costs just a little over $40.

Mind Body Love

One unique feature of products under this line is the fact that a great number of clothing is in white and black. It is a new collection for workout and gym-goers. It was launched by Alina Villasante in June, with eight distinct pieces for pre and post workout sessions.

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