The Fluro Sneaker Trend

Fluro, its been in and out since the 80’s. The simple fact that it keeps coming back on trend for the last 40-odd years tells us that it’s not going to stop now. There’s something about fluro. Whether it’s the stand-out factor, a sense of individuality or the perception of persona that it creates. Fluro has been back in a big way recently, we’re seeing it with streetwear, high-street fashion and on the runways. It’s generally been reserved for the brave and ambitious, but we’re seeing it become more integrated into the norm.

A trend we’ve picked up on recently has been the fluro sneaker trend. One of the brands that we’ve worked with previously here at Athletic Drip is ATHLETIKAN. They’re an athleisure sneaker brand founded in Australia that releases limited edition sneakers. We know the guys at ATHLETIKAN well and they tell us their most popular colourways are everything fluro. Everything from pink, green, red to yellow and blue. Alongside the everyday must-haves like black, white & grey, fluro sneakers can be that bang to bring your kit to the next level. We’ve seen them styled to perfection not only for the gym, but for that ath-street look too.

We’re going to take a look at some of the best-selling fluro kicks from ATHLETIKAN:


Outrageous colourway, but we love it. Naturally you would assume fluro pink would be primarily a female colourway, but according to the guys at Athletikan all of their fluro range are very unisex, including this one. It’s a bold statement. As with all fluro sneakers, they’re usually best paired with a predominantly one-coloured outfit such as black, white or grey to let the colour do the talking.

See the product here: FLURO PINK


In the last 12 months in particular we’ve seen a lot of NBA players and top footballers don fluro footwear, particularly orange. Let’s be honest, it’s a pretty dope colourway.

See the product here: FLURO ORANGE


Blue, particularly fluro blue, is not necessarily a common sneaker colour. But it seriously works. It’s got a very spring/summer feel with a moody vibe. Works very well with black to really pop.

See the product here: FLURO BLUE


Alright alright, this is a whole lot of colour. But we’ve heard from our friends at Athletikan that their most popular colour for both guys and girls is fluro green. We can see why, it’s freakin’ cool.

The fluro range from Athletikan will set you back about $129 AUD ($94 USD). You can see the full collection here: See the Athletikan Fluro Collection

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