How Daniel Patrick has become the go to brand for NBA players.

Anyone with good knowledge of sports would know that jerseys and kits are a very important part of business, and even though they may not necessarily affect the on scene events of who wins or loses, they do play a major role in the backstage, building fan bases and ensuring enough growth and development in commercial revenue. When Daniel Patrick travelled down to Los Angeles for his long-distance lover and to start his own clothing line in 2011, little did he know that his clothes would command a cult following from some of the biggest celebrities in the world more than eight years later, with a list including Canadian Pop sensation Justin Bieber, Tyga, Steve Aoki, Gigi Hadid, Khloe Kardashian, Kendall Jenner and lately, NBA Star James Harden, it is difficult to look beyond what the margins of success are for the Australian. And although, he grew up in a different part of the world, as opposed to what he was getting into at the time, e was always connected to the culture and this influenced everything he did, unto his clothing line.

Patrick’s line includes a host of clothing outfits such as hoodies, sweatshirts, footwear and more, but one of his most recent partnerships seems have to caught the eye, and that is the one with James Harden. He said in an interview that he had met with the Adidas Basketball two years ago, in an All-Star weekend and there was a discussion about working together. This then led him to work with the Houston Rockets star, someone whom he had always admired and, on the court for his skills, and off the court for his swag. This has given his business brand a new outlook, and has made his clothes have that unique blend of athleisure and streetwear, making his brands a very attractive proposition for members of the NBA Sporting Franchise.
Daniel Patrick’s brand has reshaped the way fashion is seen, especially among the formal menswear codes. There is a more laid back design process that has been influenced by the aesthetic quality of the 90s, and other elements of adolescence and outlandishness. He has taken common sporting outfits to a different level, from the basketball shorts to the jerseys, mixing up colors and giving it a much more modern, funky vibe thus making it a very attractive choice for NBA Stars. He is inspired by urban cities such as Los Angeles and New York plus, his background knowledge of rugby.

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