Featured is Athletikan’s ‘Black & White’ priced at $94~ USD

Peep into the wardrobe of any fashionable person out there and you will find a pair (or ten) of sneakers. The reason is not far-fetched. Sneakers are incredibly comfortable, they tip you off as cool and trendy- plus, they give you a luxury of choices regarding what pieces of clothing to pair them with.
However, with the plethora of designs and types that are available now, getting the specific choice can be financially burdening, especially considering the constant, unending demand. To help you with the process, we have curated a list of top ten sneakers under the cap budget of 100dollars that are available on the market, in no particular order.

● Converse Chuck Taylor All-Stars-

This pair seems so ancient that it is almost impossible for it to go out of style. Put differently, you will almost always stay relevant with these bad boys. Whether you are in a hurry or heading out to take a walk, the pair is very easy to put on, and durability cannot be compromised. With this choice, you have the luxury of choosing from several colors including black, red, white and gray.

● Adidas Cloudfoam Runners-

As if it were a religion, the Adidas Cloudfoam runners has a large following from over 7,000 Amazon shoppers. Just go shopping to find out. Most fans of this sneakers have used phrases such as “walking on clouds” and “not even feeling like they wore shoes” as a result of the super breathable and comfortably lightweight that their upper mesh gives the feet.

● Sketchers Go Walk Joy Slip-On Walking Shoe-

One of many lace less slip-on sneakers we would recommend is this pair as it is breathable and lightweight. The pair boasts a flexible mesh setup that enables it to stretch to fit. This makes them a very wise choice if you have wide feet. This pair is available in more than 10 different colors and has great reviews on Amazon.

● Athletikan Altis

Athletikan is a fairly new sneaker brand on the scene, but their sneakers have taken off in the athleisure space. You can’t go past their ‘Altis’ collection for the ultimate versatile sneaker priced generously at around $94 USD.

● Adidas Originals Superstars Sneakers-

These impressive pair from Adidas is a sneaker worthy of the names. Plus, it goes very well with a number of clothing choices such as skirts or jeans.

● Keds Champion-

If Jon Belion’s simple and sweet was to be changed into a sneaker version, this pair is probably the best bet. It is simple and classy. Retro sneaker style that never gets old.

● Nike’s Air Force 1-

The list would be incomplete if we did not include this pair. It gives you a modern California look everywhere you go.

● Puma Cali Sport-

With its upper leather component and lace closure, you cannot go wrong with this pair, especially when you add a pair of jeans as the compliment.

● Reebok Classic-

If you are looking to get a perfect pair without having to break the bank, you have this classic candidate to give you a crisp feel.

● WXQ Men’s Running Shoes-

If you need a 2-in-1 casual sports shoes to serve multiple purposes, then this pair from WXQ might be your best bet. It is light weight and extremely breathable.

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